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A1010-IoT based Smart Mirror

Think about it, it’s pretty cool to see daily tasks, weather reports, latest news headlines, incoming messages and more while getting ready in front of the mirror — especially in our daily life with busy schedules. That’s how the Smart Mirror was born. It is a platform that can be easily installed on Raspberry Pi. It is a very powerful and user-friendly platform that allows users to customize it to make it their own.

A1007-GSM-Automatic Irrigation System

In the present era, lots of amounts of water is wasted in watering plants and gardening. It is a challenge to maintain soil moisture for plants. Current watering system offers a scheduling scheme as the solution, which might cause the soil to be too wet during the rainy seasons and too dry during the drought season. Therefore an automatic plant irrigation system has to be designed for the proper water supply for the plants. This project deals with an automatic plant irrigation system which automatically senses the moisture content of the soil and decides whether irrigation is needed or not and how much water is needed for soil. This system uses an Arduino nano. It is programmed to sense the moisture content of the soil over a period of time. When the moisture content is less than the limit which is predefined, it will start supplying the desired amount of water till it reaches the limit. So when the soil is dry the pump will automatically water the fields and when the soil is wet the pump will automatically switch off, thereby eradicating the need of manpower and conserving the time.

Cloud based Weather Station

Global warming has lead to unpredictable climates; researchers around the world are using weather stations to observe record and analyse weather patterns to study climate changes and provide weather forecasts. These Weather stations normally comprises of few sensors to measure environmental parameters and a monitoring or logging system to analyse these parameters. In this project we will learn how to build such a wireless IoT based weather station which can measure critical environmental parameters like Temperature, Humidity. Also since our weather station is IoT enabled, we can send these parameters to a ThingSpeak channel (IoT cloud) where we can store, analyse and access the data remotely

A1006-IoT Smart Home System

Home automation has become more and more commercial and marketable in recent years. The goal of this project is to develop a home automation system with full security and controlling the home appliances using wireless communication as internet from both inside and outside of home. This offered project represents an actual model implementation that uses IOT (internet of things) technology as a network infrastructure connecting its parts of new home automation system. The recommended system consists of two main components- the first part is the server (web server), which presents system core that manages, controls, and monitors users home and outside of city. This system can be operated remotely (via internet) manage and control system code users and system administrator etc. Rest of the part is hardware interface module which has a WI-FI module, inside it a microcontroller is present which provides appropriate interface to sensors and notion of home automation system.

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