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Ration Dispensing Machine

Ration card is an essential aspect for every family in order to buy commodities issued by government. Automatic ration material distribution is designed to reduce the intervention of humans so that transparency and efficiency can be achieved. The main aspect of this project is to avoid corruption, and to increase the genuinely distribution of ration materials. In this project, proposed an Automatic ration material distribution using RFID (Radio frequency identification) and GSM (global system for mobile) that replaces the ration card with RFID tag. To get materials, customer introduces the RFID tag into the RFID reader

Fire Fighting robot Using Bluetooth

Nowadays, fire accidents are very common and sometimes it becomes very hard for a fireman to protect someone’s life. It is not possible to appoint a person to continuously observe weather accidental fire has started. where robot can do that. Robot will detect fire remotely. When it detect fire it will sense and stop the robot and on the sprinkler automatically ,if user wants to do it manually he can control using Bluetooth communication and android app These robots are mostly useful in industries. The proposed vehicle can detect presence of fire and extinguishing it automatically by using temperature sensor. The proposed robot has a water spray which is capable of sprinkling water . The sprinkler can be move towards the required direction. Communication between the mobile phone and robot will take place through Bluetooth

Bike Theft Detection

Automobiles appearance impacts and changes people's life, it"s becoming the progressive symbol of modern society.However, as te sharp rise of the automobiles quantity, vehicle thief case is increasing.Vehicle theft is common in present time and physical protection is not much enough. So to protect vehicle from thieves some electronic technique should be used. It is Arduino based circuit with Relay and buzzer,it will have two Switches out of which one will be the bike key and other will be the secret Switch . When both Switches is in ON state the relay will On and Buzzer will not Sound.But if the Key switch is pressed without the secret switch the relay will go in off State and Buzzer will start Sounding.As the Relay will be in Off state the Engine will not Start. And it is cost effective

Density Based Traffic Signal System with green corridor

The project is aimed at designing a density based dynamic traffic signal system where the timing of signal will change automatically on sensing the traffic density at any junction. Traffic congestion is a severe problem in most cities across the world and therefore it is time to shift more manual mode or fixed timer mode to an automated system with decision making capabilities. Present day traffic signaling system is fixed time based which may render inefficient if one lane is operational than the others. To optimize this problem we have made a framework for an intelligent traffic control system. Sometimes higher traffic density at one side of the junction demands longer green time as compared to standard allotted time We, therefore propose here a mechanism in which the time period of green light and red light is assigned on the basis of the density of the traffic present at that time. This is achieved by using IR (Infrared sensors). Once the density is calculated, the glowing time of green light is assigned by the help of the microcontroller (Arduino). The sensors which are present on sides of the road will detect the presence of the vehicles and sends the information to the microcontroller(Arduino) where it will decide how long a flank will be open or when to change over the signal lights. In subsequent sections, we have elaborated the procedure of this framework. when ambulance is detectd by the RF receiver fittet at signal will provide passage to ambulance at priority basis

Wireless Power Transfer

Modern Electric Vehicles have a drawback of long charging time, bulk battery packs, short lifetime etc. This can be rectified by using dynamic wireless charging. The paper discusses about the dynamic wireless charging and its prototype. Dynamic wireless charging uses magnetic resonance for transmitting power. AC power from grid is converted to DC using a rectifier, this DC is then converted to high frequency AC using a power inverter. This high frequency AC is supplied to transmitting coils laid under the road. This high frequency AC produces resonating magnetic field on the transmitting coil. The receiving-end coil under the electric vehicle picks up the magnetic field and the induced emf is supplied to a rectifier. The rectified output is given to motor and battery on the vehicle. This method is an efficient approach to provide charging plans for electric vehicles from a global point of view, without overloading of electric system and reduce the charging time.

IOT Based Industrial Plant Safety Gas Leakage Detection System

Most of the fire-breakouts in industries are due to gas leaks. These cause dreadful damage to the equipment, human life leading to injuries, deaths, and environment. Currently available leakage detectors warn the people around using on-site alarms. So, this project proposes a leakage detector which sends the warning to the concerned people through IoT Platform. This detector senses the presence of harmful gases particularly, LPG, Methane and Benzene. LPG and Methane gases catch fire easily resulting. in blasts. Benzene is carcinogen effecting the health of workers, if inhaled in higher concentrations. Hence, detection of these gases is essential. This low cost project includes MQ6, MQ4 and MQ135 gas sensors which detect LPG, Methane and Benzene gas leaks respectively and uses ESP-32 as a Wi-Fi module. The concentration levels of the above-mentioned gases are uploaded in the UBIDOTS or any similar IoT cloud and the login details are included in the alert message so that the user can check, if needed. The prototype of the proposed system generates a sound alert using buzzer on detection of a dangerous leakage and sends an SMS to the concerned person using MQTT Protocol. Different color LEDS are used to specify the gas leaked for example, RED LED indicates the presence of LPG.
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