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Wireless Power Transfer

Modern Electric Vehicles have a drawback of long charging time, bulk battery packs, short lifetime etc. This can be rectified by using dynamic wireless charging. The paper discusses about the dynamic wireless charging and its prototype. Dynamic wireless charging uses magnetic resonance for transmitting power. AC power from grid is converted to DC using a rectifier, this DC is then converted to high frequency AC using a power inverter. This high frequency AC is supplied to transmitting coils laid under the road. This high frequency AC produces resonating magnetic field on the transmitting coil. The receiving-end coil under the electric vehicle picks up the magnetic field and the induced emf is supplied to a rectifier. The rectified output is given to motor and battery on the vehicle. This method is an efficient approach to provide charging plans for electric vehicles from a global point of view, without overloading of electric system and reduce the charging time.

IOT Based Industrial Plant Safety Gas Leakage Detection System

Most of the fire-breakouts in industries are due to gas leaks. These cause dreadful damage to the equipment, human life leading to injuries, deaths, and environment. Currently available leakage detectors warn the people around using on-site alarms. So, this project proposes a leakage detector which sends the warning to the concerned people through IoT Platform. This detector senses the presence of harmful gases particularly, LPG, Methane and Benzene. LPG and Methane gases catch fire easily resulting. in blasts. Benzene is carcinogen effecting the health of workers, if inhaled in higher concentrations. Hence, detection of these gases is essential. This low cost project includes MQ6, MQ4 and MQ135 gas sensors which detect LPG, Methane and Benzene gas leaks respectively and uses ESP-32 as a Wi-Fi module. The concentration levels of the above-mentioned gases are uploaded in the UBIDOTS or any similar IoT cloud and the login details are included in the alert message so that the user can check, if needed. The prototype of the proposed system generates a sound alert using buzzer on detection of a dangerous leakage and sends an SMS to the concerned person using MQTT Protocol. Different color LEDS are used to specify the gas leaked for example, RED LED indicates the presence of LPG.

Zigbee Based Energy Meter

Energy meter is a measuring instrument to calculate the amount of electric energy consumed by an electrically powered device. The energy metering which measure line voltage, current, and calculating active power can be used to increase usage efficiency of electricity. This project presents a system which provide real time energy meter reading using ACS712 as current sensor, Arduino and an IoT server

Anti-Corona Touch-less Doorbell

Social distancing is one of the most efficient ways to protect ourselves from the deadly coronavirus. In this project deals with Touchless doorbell using Arduino. This device will protect you from the germs which others leave on your doorbell.

Automatic Sanitization Robot

Because of the COVID-19 virus, human lives and livelihoods change extensively and the only way to minimizing the spread of the virus is to maintain social distancing and follow guidelines proposed by our respective government. Not to mention sanitization and sterilization have become an indistinguishable part of our daily life. Talking about sanitization and sterilization, there is a problem, we can’t directly involve in the sterilization process, because there is a chance of getting the deadly virus from the contaminated space, but what we can do to solve this problem is to build a powerful, efficient, and autonomous robot, that can sterilize a place very easily without exposing ourselves. Robots are in use for several applications where humans can be at risk of exposure. This project will be building an ultraviolet sanitization robot that will be able sanitize the surface with the help of Ultraviolet radiation Disclaimer: This is just a model project to understand the basics of a sanitization robot. We do not claim that the LEDs used in this project or the robot by itself can kill the CVOID-19 virus. This project is only for educational purposes.

Smart Garbage Segregator

The rapid growth in the population has also led to the surge in the volume of waste being generated on a daily basis. This increase in the generation of waste due to continuous growth in the urbanization and industrialization has become a severe problem for the local and the national government. It is also posing a serious problem for the local authorities to manage the wastes being dumped everywhere as landfill. To ensure the minimal risk to the environment and human health, it is necessary to take meticulous measures when segregating and transporting waste. Segregation of waste in a proper manner brings to the limelight actual economic value of the waste. The traditional method used for segregating of waste in India is through rag pickers which are time-consuming and can have adverse effects on the health of the people who are exposed to such wastes. Here we propose the use of an Auto Waste Segregator (AWS) which is cheap and also an easy to use solution for segregation of household waste. It is designed to segregate the waste into three categories viz. metallic, dry and wet waste. The system makes use of moisture sensor for the segregation of wet and dry waste LCD display for displaying the result of segregation. It is evident from experimental reports that segregation of waste using AWS has been successful.
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