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his project report discusses about the study of implementation of Android Application for housing society management. Daily life in city areas has important things to deal with housing society management. Our day to day needs such as Water supply, Electricity, Security and many more things which directly or indirectly plays vital role in residential life, comes under Housing Society Management. In most of the cases, Society management practices a traditional way of communication. This certainly has some limitations and disadvantages. Daily notices, monthly meetings, cultural events, miscellaneous contacts for daily needs, committee calendar, domestic help, complaint section, high priority communication and many others which may not be conveyed properly in current scenario as most of the things are getting handled manually. It lacks transparency. To overcome the problems occurring due to this time lagging manual system, an automated system needs to be developed.



A housing society and its functions are a part of our everyday lives. Members of  the managing committee are those who take charge of all the chores involved here. Residents often feel edgy regarding undone jobs and most even lack time to keep track of all these happenings. But, there’s no avoiding the fact that these chores and all the housing society members are inseparable. This project report presents the design and implementation of an Android based society maintenance application.

The system also maintains the society maintenance as well as parking, cultural funds, emergency funds and other charges and adds them automatically in individual flat bill. The system needs an administrator to input various flat owner data and billing amounts into it. The rest of the work is done by the system on its own. The system consists of automatic bill generation facility. It calculates various associated costs, adds them up and provides a bill accordingly.

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