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Changes in Information Technology (IT) allow schools to utilize databases and applications such as Student Information System (SIS) thus, making the accessing of records centralized. One of the changes that came about is the online-based applications. These applications are an improvisation to the traditional- transaction processing systems. The proposed system is an Android application to manage student details on mobile and keeping them updated about latest events in college. The application will be used by students, teachers and parents. The utilities provided by the application are- student details maintenance, discussion forum, notice board, attendance and report generation. The main objective of this project is to add mobility and automation to the process of managing student information in an institute.



Student Record Management System (SRMS) gives a straightforward interface to support of student data. It might be utilized by instructive universities or colleges to keep up the records of students effectively. The creation and administration of error less, exceptional data in regards to a student' scholarly profession is discriminatingly paramount in the colleges and in universities. Student information system manages all sorts of student details, academic related reports, college details, fee details, results, batch details, attendance details and other resource related details too. It tracks all the details of a student from very first moment to the end of the course which could be utilized for all reporting purpose,  progress in the study, completed semesters, years, coming all these will be available through a secure, online interface embedded in the college’s Student Record Management System.

Course Curriculum

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