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bstract With the increase in technological developments, smart phone, tablet and iPods have been widely used by all users. Starting from user needs is almost complete with a small object with millions of benefit. With this trend, many people use their smart phone to do electronic transactions. One of the electronic transactions is toll plaza payment. This application emerges as a solution to the manual toll collection method employed at toll plaza .Time and efficiency are major factors of present situation. In order to overcome the major issues of vehicle congestion and time consumption, the QR scanner is used. Here the user uses the QR code as the gate pass. The administrator verifies the QR code with the help of QR scanner. It reduces the fuel utilization by reducing the waiting time. This application makes toll plaza payment more convenient for the public use.


Course Curriculum

    • Toll Management Using QRScan Reference Paper 00:00:00
    • Toll Management Using QRScan Synopsis 00:00:00
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