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In recent year, healthy is a topic that people concern. It is obviously that eating the food with high amount of calories cause several problems to our health. Recording the amount of calories of the food intake in each meal is one of the stretchy to solve such problem. Although the people can record their meal and discuss with doctors or experts, it is not so convenient and they cannot know the amount of calories before the meal.


As people across the globe are becoming more interested in watching their weight, eating more healthily, and avoid obesity, a system that can measure calories and nutrition in every day meals can be very useful. We propose a food calorie and nutrition measurement system that can help people to measure and manage daily food intake. Recently, there has been an increase in the usage of personal mobile technology such as smartphones or tablets, which users carry with them practically all the time. Via a special calibration technique, our system uses the built-in camera of such mobile devices and records a photo of the food before and after eating it in order to measure the consumption of calorie and nutrient components. Our results show that the accuracy of our system is acceptable and it will greatly improve and facilitate current manual calorie measurement techniques.

Course Curriculum

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