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In the age of looking good, we come across that one question everyday; What should I wear to look good today ? Our choices being limited to the apparels that we already have bought, we turn to online shopping in our free time and keep on scrolling through numerous attires until we find the best that suits ourselves. Finding the best clothing that is personalised to our looks online, where there are thousands of choices takes at times, a few minutes or even hours. And after a long task of finding that perfect suit or dress that best fits us, we're left with a few doubts in our minds later; Will it suit my skin tone? Will it really look that good? These concerns can be alleviated by having an outfit recommendation system which can provide suggestions on outfits based on ones skin-tone color, occasion, current trends, sizes, etc. The proposed system aims to help the user in deciding what coloured clothing will best suit him or her on appropriate occasions by making choices based on different data-points



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