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Because of the COVID-19 virus, human lives and livelihoods change extensively and the only way to minimizing the spread of the virus is to maintain social distancing and follow guidelines proposed by our respective government. Not to mention sanitization and sterilization have become an indistinguishable part of our daily life. Talking about sanitization and sterilization, there is a problem, we can’t directly involve in the sterilization process, because there is a chance of getting the deadly virus from the contaminated space, but what we can do to solve this problem is to build a powerful, efficient, and autonomous robot, that can sterilize a place very easily without exposing ourselves. Robots are in use for several applications where humans can be at risk of exposure. This project will be building an ultraviolet sanitization robot that will be able sanitize the surface with the help of Ultraviolet radiation Disclaimer: This is just a model project to understand the basics of a sanitization robot. We do not claim that the LEDs used in this project or the robot by itself can kill the CVOID-19 virus. This project is only for educational purposes.

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