In the present Indian scenario, healthcare information is independently maintained by hospitals , institutions and not readily accessible in a centralized, informed manner. This greatly limits the health providers' efforts to improve quality and efficiency. Through this paper, we address this issue on bringing various information from many sources into one place in realtime which can be truly life saving. Also, low ratio of doctor to patient and the low per capita income in India hikes the medical expenses thereby increasing the patient's inaccessibility to receive proper health care in their reach especially for people in the rural areas. A means by which the bridge between the patients and doctors can be gapped and how patients can be treated at a lower expense is the prime concern. This paper focuses on the development of a mobile/web application, through which patients sends their symptomatic query to the doctors through a server. The mobile application will be equipped with first aid instructions, according to the nature and severity of the symptoms, either the patients are directed to respective departments or given emergency help for further treatment.Within the time huge amount of data is collected from users and doctors, this big data will be used to train machines to automate the tasks to some extent. The information gained from analyzing massive amounts of aggregated health data can provide useful insight to improve quality and efficiency for providers and insurers alike.This makes the patients reach out for healthcare solutions easily and cheaply and makes healthcare a easy reach for the unprivileged also. Thus, this unified model can serve as a data collection, delivery as well as an analytic tool in the healthcare domain.


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