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Keratoconus (KTC) is a non inflammatory disorder characterized by progressive thinning, corneal deformation, and scarring of the cornea. ,pathological mechanisms of this condition have been investigated for a long time. In recent years, this disease has come to the attention of many research centres because the number of people diagnosed with keratoconus is on the rise. In this context, solutions that facilitate both the diagnostic and treatment options are quickly needed. The implementation of an algorithm that is able to determine whether an eye is affected or not by keratoconus. ,e KeratoDetect algorithm analyzes the corneal topography of the eye using a convolutional neural network (CNN) that is able to extract and learn the features of a keratoconus ye. ,e results show that the KeratoDetect algorithm ensures a high level of performance, obtaining KeratoDetect can assist the ophthalmologist in rapid screening of its patients, thus reducing diagnostic errors and facilitating treatment.


Algorithm Used:-

1. Inception Backbone

2. VGG Backbone

Course Curriculum

    • Keratoconus Detection Using CNN Reference Paper 00:00:00
    • Keratoconus Detection Using CNN Synopsis 00:00:00
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