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Dermatology is one of the most unpredictable and difficult terrains to diagnose due its complexity. In the field of dermatology, many a times extensive tests are to be carried out so as to decide upon the skin condition the patient may be facing. The time may vary from practitioner to practitioner. This is also based on the experience of that person too. So, there is a need of a system which can diagnose the skin diseases without any of these constraints. We propose an automated image based system for recognition of skin diseases using machine learning classification. This system will utilize computational technique to analyze, process, and relegate the image data predicated on various features of the images. Skin images are filtered to remove unwanted noise and also process it for enhancement of the image. This system will give more accuracy and will generate results faster than the traditional method, making this application an efficient and dependable system for dermatological disease detection. Furthermore, this can also be used as a reliable real time teaching tool for medical students in the dermatology stream.


Algorithm Used:-

1. CNN Model 1

2. CNN Model 2

3. CNN Model 3

Course Curriculum

    • Skin Disease Detection Reference Paper 00:00:00
    • Skin Disease Detection Synopsis 00:00:00
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