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The deep web also called invisible web may have the valuable contents which cannot be easily indexed by a search engine. Thus, to locate the deep web or hidden web contents a need of web crawler arise. The opposite term to the deep web is surface web that can be easily seen by a search engine. The deep web is made up of Academic information, medical records, scientific reports, government resources and many more web contents. The web pages changes swiftly and dynamically. The size of the deep web is enormous. Due to this wide and vast nature of deep web, accessing the deep web contents becomes difficult. Current approaches lack to index the deep web pages for a search engine. To address these problems, in this paper, we propose a focused semantic web crawler. The crawler will help users to efficiently access the valuable and relevant deep web contents easily. The crawler works in two stages, first will fetch the relevant sites. The second stage will retrieve the relevant sites through deep search by in-site exploring.


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