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Of all the renewable energies, solar energy is the only energy gained its popularity and importance quickly. Through the solar tracking system, we can produce an abundant amount of energy which makes the solar panel’s workability much more efficient. Solar power is the fastest growing means of renewable energy. The project is designed and implemented using simple dual axis solar tracker system. In order to maximize energy generation from sun, it is necessary to introduce solar tracking systems into solar power systems. A dual-axis tracker can increase energy by tracking sun rays from switching solar panel in various directions. This solar panel can rotate in all directions. This dual axis solar tracker project can also be used to sense weather, and it will be displayed on LCD. This system is powered by Arduino, consists of servo motor, DC motor, rain drop sensor, temperature and humidity sensor and LCD.The variation in the solar energy occur daily due to variation in day night cycle and also because of seasonal variations throughout the year. we propose dual axis solar tracking system by which it is possible to catch maximum amount of solar energy by using Arduino as main processing unit.


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Project Features :

1.Track Solar energy in all direction

2.Measure various weather parameters

3.Display parameters on LCD

4.Charge Battery from Solar Panel

5.Alarm Indication

Course Curriculum

    • Reference Paper FREE 00:00:00
    • Synopsis 00:00:00
    • PPT Solar Tracker 00:00:00
    • Microcontroller-Arduino Nano 6 months
    • LCD Display-16X2 6 months
    • DC Geared Motor 6 months
    • Motor Driver 6 months
    • Power Supply Unit 6 months
    • Sensor-LDR 00:00:00
    • Sensor-Rain/Water 00:00:00
    • PCB making 00:00:00
    • Coding : Intro to IDE Arduino Installation 00:00:00
    • Programming Structure 00:00:00
    • Flowchart 00:00:00
    • Draw Flow chart of your Project 7 days
    • Loop coding in C 00:00:00
    • if else coding 00:00:00
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