A concept theory to cure illnesses like Cancer Diabete HIV etc + génome sequencing a framework like Apache Spark Intoduction I am Wadï Mami from Africa Tunisia I spent 7 years since 2012 to dig for a solution to cure illnesses like Cancer Diabete HIV alzheimer etc Brief all the illnesses that we know DNA pattern responsible of them I think Spring Batch + Karp Rabin (or any other algorithm of pattern recognition) could help curing such kind of illnesses a team of Spring batch architects and bioinformaticians need to be mounted to reverse Engineering Spring Batch genetically to have a genetic framework like Crisprcas9 or a virus or drugs based on that architecture that's why I share with you my IT model for Dna damage repair it was in Github under MIT License the account was unfortunately deleted it is only the theory concept may be some one find it interesting and useful and continue the development of that project. What I mean is to obtain a genetic framework like Crispr cas9 framework based on Spring Batch Architecture In fact English is not my first language it is a theory the code of Spring Batch is in Github the question is how from java open source framework code like Spring Batch + Karp Rabin algorithm or any other pattern recognition algorithm can we use it as a model to obtain a genetic framework like Crispr cas9 framework.


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