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In the present era, lots of amounts of water is wasted in watering plants and gardening. It is a challenge to maintain soil moisture for plants. Current watering system offers a scheduling scheme as the solution, which might cause the soil to be too wet during the rainy seasons and too dry during the drought season. Therefore an automatic plant irrigation system has to be designed for the proper water supply for the plants. This project deals with an automatic plant irrigation system which automatically senses the moisture content of the soil and decides whether irrigation is needed or not and how much water is needed for soil. This system uses an Arduino nano. It is programmed to sense the moisture content of the soil over a period of time. When the moisture content is less than the limit which is predefined, it will start supplying the desired amount of water till it reaches the limit. So when the soil is dry the pump will automatically water the fields and when the soil is wet the pump will automatically switch off, thereby eradicating the need of manpower and conserving the time.


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Automatic Water Planting

Status Display on LCD

SMS alert 

Pump Control 

Course Curriculum

    • Sensor-Soil Moisture 00:00:00
    • Arduino Micro controller 00:00:00
    • Output Device-LCD 00:00:00
    • Relay Driver-Pump Controller 00:00:00
    • Circuit Diagram-Main 00:00:00
    • Power Supply Unit 00:00:00
    • Power Supply Circuit 00:00:00
    • PCB Making 00:00:00
    • Coding : Intro to IDE Arduino Installation 00:00:00
    • Programming Structure 00:00:00
    • Flowchart 00:00:00
    • Loop coding in C 00:00:00
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