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The process of tying up the outputs of any two sources of energy, such as wind, solar and piezo etc, to get output is called a hybrid power system. But in this method, saying that there is no tying up of outputs but the three sources of energy are tied up at the point of production itself. In our project we are using photo voltaic cell (PV cell) i.e solar cell , DC generator and piezo. The solar cell will convert solar energy into DC supply and DC generator will convert wind energy into DC supply. We will design one system which will check the DAY & NIGHT condition. For that LDR is used. LDR will check the DAY or NIGHT and accordingly the energy source is selected. If there is DAY then solar energy is selected and if there is NIGHT then wind energy is selected. The output of the solar energy or wind energy or piezo is given to the battery for charging which is used to turn on the light source. In our project we are using LED as output light source. As well as Inverter as output source.



Use of  photo voltaic cell , DC generator and piezo.

Battery Charging with battery level indication.

Check the DAY & NIGHT condition.

50 Watt Inverter for AC Load

Course Curriculum

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