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Most of the fire-breakouts in industries are due to gas leaks. These cause dreadful damage to the equipment, human life leading to injuries, deaths, and environment. Currently available leakage detectors warn the people around using on-site alarms. So, this project proposes a leakage detector which sends the warning to the concerned people through IoT Platform. This detector senses the presence of harmful gases particularly, LPG, Methane and Benzene. LPG and Methane gases catch fire easily resulting. in blasts. Benzene is carcinogen effecting the health of workers, if inhaled in higher concentrations. Hence, detection of these gases is essential. This low cost project includes MQ6, MQ4 and MQ135 gas sensors which detect LPG, Methane and Benzene gas leaks respectively and uses ESP-32 as a Wi-Fi module. The concentration levels of the above-mentioned gases are uploaded in the UBIDOTS or any similar IoT cloud and the login details are included in the alert message so that the user can check, if needed. The prototype of the proposed system generates a sound alert using buzzer on detection of a dangerous leakage and sends an SMS to the concerned person using MQTT Protocol. Different color LEDS are used to specify the gas leaked for example, RED LED indicates the presence of LPG.

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