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Presence of air pollutant and uncontrolled release of UV rays to the environment due to human activities, leads us to consider how important are the environmental parameters monitoring to ensure public safety. To remotely monitor, in real time, the air quality UV rays, RF signal Detector and the gas level of the surrounding environment, an IoT based (Internet of Things) system which is composed of a set of interconnected equipment which is able to monitor and collect data from the environment, was designed and implemented The system consists of i) several sensing nodes connected to ATMEGA 328 and esp8266 microcontroller equipped with sensors measuring environmental parameters i.e. air quality, UV rays, RF signal Detector and the gas level, a central server for sensor data processing, event notification, real-time graph on cloud like thigspeak. The system was designed to be easily scaled-up to measure as well other parameters of interest. In this paper, the overall description of the system’s architecture and software components is shown and workability proved.




Detect presence of Various Parameters

Display status locally on LCD

Upload data through IoT

Notification on Cloud Thigspeak or similar

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