People who are working are so busy so that they often forget to turn off their electrical appliances when they are leaving the house for work. Those appliances consume the electricity whole day so it leads to huge amount of electricity to go waste. So to overcome this problem IOT based Voice Controlled system is introduced to automatically switch ON and OFF of electrical appliances, to check the water level in the overhead tank and operate the motor accordingly and also to monitor the moisture content in the soil which helps to switch on/off the sprinkler to water the garden to avoid the problem of unnecessary waste of water. This project presents the design of the home automation system using the IoT (Internet of Things) technology along with the feature of voice recognition and also the manual operation. The voice based system listens for the user's speech and whenever a defined phrase is identified it triggers corresponding action to switch appliances on or off. With speech recognition physically challenged people can control appliances with much more ease.


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