Linear motifs (LMs), used by a subset of all protein-protein interactions (PPIs), bind to globular receptors or domains and play an important role in signaling networks. LMPID (Linear Motif mediated Protein Interaction Database) is a manually curated database which provides comprehensive experimentally validated information about the LMs mediating PPIs from all organisms on a single platform. About 2200 entries have been compiled by detailed manual curation of PubMed abstracts, of which about 1000 LM entries were being annotated for the first time, as compared with the Eukaryotic LM resource. The users can submit their query through a user-friendly search page and browse the data in the alphabetical order of the bait gene names and according to the domains interacting with the LM. LMPID is freely accessible at http://bicresources.jcbose. ac.in/ssaha4/lmpid and contains 1750 unique LM instances found within 1181 baits interacting with 552 prey proteins.


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