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Cervical cancer remains a significant cause of mortality in low-income countries. As in many other diseases, the existence of several screening/diagnosis methods and subjective physician preferences creates a complex ecosystem for automated methods. Cervical Cancer is cancer arising from the cervix. It arises due to the abnormal growth of cells and spreads to other parts of the body. It is fatal most of the time. HPV causes most of the cases (90 %). In Phase I, the data is cleaned, and visualisations of the data are shown. Smoking is also considered as one of the main causes for cervical cancer. Long-term use of Oral contraceptive pills can also cause cancer. Also having multiple pregnancies can cause cervical cancer. Usually it is very difficult to identify cancer at early stages. The early stages of cancer are completely free of symptoms. It is only during the later stages of cancer that symptoms appear. We can use machine learning techniques to predict if a person as cancer or not. Different factors such as smoking, pregnancies, habits etc can be used to predict cancer.



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