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With the advancement of internet over years, the number of attacks over internet has also increased. A powerful Intrusion Detection System (IDS) is required to ensure the security of a network. The aim of IDS is to monitor the processes prevailing in a network and to analyze them for signs of any possible deviations. Intrusion detection system (IDS) has become an essential layer in all the latest ICT system due to an urge towards cyber safety in the day-to-day world. Reasons including uncertainty in finding the types of attacks and increased the complexity of advanced cyber-attacks, IDS calls for the need of integration of Deep Neural Networks (DNNs).



Algorithm Used:-

1. LogisticRegression

2. GaussianNB

3. KNN

4. Adaboost

5. Decision Tree

6. SVM

7. Neural Network

Course Curriculum

    • IDS Reference Paper 00:00:00
    • IDS Synopsis 00:00:00
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