With the ever-increasing usage of Employee Tracking and Monitoring System data for fleet management is increasing enormously there is a need for proactive Tracking and Monitoring. In addition, the new wave of digitizing Fleet records has seen a paradigm shift in the corporate industry. As a result, the corporate industry is witnessing an increase in sheer volume of data in terms of complexity, diversity and timeliness. As corporate experts look for every possible way to properly manage and track Employee while improving Monitoring process, Tracking and management, big data emerges as a plausible solution with the promise to transform the corporate industry. This paradigm shift from reactive to proactive employee data can result in an overall decrease in risk costs and mismanagement of tasks by employee which would eventually lead to Company's growth. While the Corporate industry harnesses the power of big data, security and privacy issues are at the focal point as emerging threats and vulnerabilities continue to grow. In this paper, we present the state-ofthe-art security and privacy issues in big data as applied to Employee Tracking and Corporate Fleet Management.


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