the sun is a huge emission of energy. Mainly of the energy is in the form of heat and light, which can be collected and used for generating electricity, as well as for heating, cooling and lighting building. Electric utility companies are using mirrors to concentrate heat from the sun to produce environmentally friendly electricity for cities. This abundance of solar energy makes Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) plants an attractive alternative to traditional power plants, which burn polluting fossil fuels such as oil and coal. Unlike traditional power plants, CSP systems provide an environmentally kind source of energy, produce virtually no emissions, and consume no fuel other than sunlight. This study is focused on the feasibility of improving CSP planet efficiency, by design and investigates a diminished prototype. Three cases studies have been investigated these are, coloring the central receiver with selective black color, enclose the receiver by a glass box and color the glass enclosed by specific black color. Investigations have been conducted in BaghdadIraq summertime weathers 2011. The results showed a good improvement in thermal storage when using the glass enclosed comparison with other two cases. Also, it is found that this improvement varied and depends on month and reaches the peak in summer.


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