Nowadays, People prefer eating in restaurants. Eventually crowd in the restaurants has increased. In the restaurant manual system, the waiter has to note down the customer orders in a paper. So there is chance of missing the paper or misplacing the orders. In order to solve this problem, automation is brought in this scenario. This project consists of IR sensors, a serving robot and two android applications (Customer Android application and Management Android application). Each table consists of a tablet with customer android application, which consists food menu. Another tablet with management android application will be placed in kitchen. When order is placed, the food is prepared and placed on the tray in the serving robot. After that, the chef has to enter the table number using keypad in the robot. Infrared Ray sensors will be placed in the front and back of the robot, to detect obstacles. When obstacle is detected, the robot is stops moving until the way becomes clear. The serving robot reaches the table. After serving the food, the robot returns to the kitchen


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